The yearly tuition is based on 36 weeks of school. Tuition has been calculated on days of attendance. Therefore, the 3 day program is not penalized for all the Monday holidays, nor is the 2 day program penalized for their occasional holidays and In-Service Days. .

Class Weekly  
Super Tots w/ Parent
$18.00 Daily Rate
Monthly Yearly
Super Tots w/out Parent $131.00 $1179.00
(2 -day AM or PM)
$173.00 $1557.00
(3-day AM or PM)
$235.00 $2115.00
SUPER 5’s (Four PM’s) $295.00 $2655.00
SUPER 5’s (Five PM’s) $320.00 $2880.00
September tuition, which is non-refundable, is due in advance by June 1, 2017. Thereafter,

tuition is due on the fifth day of the new month: October through May.

Tuition will be discounted 5% for the second and third child of the same immediate family.

Because the school must meet its obligations, even though individual students are absent from time to time, tuition fees cannot be adjusted for daily absences or family vacations. A “two-week” notice is required, if a child is to be withdrawn, so a child on our waiting list may be notified of an opening.

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