Thunderbird families have many opportunities to be involved with their child, both by visiting the classroom and joining us for field trips. Traditionally, almost all families join us for field trips when there is room for parents and most families participate in all of our special events: August Parent Meeting, Fall Ice Cream Social, Christmas Party, Parent-Teacher Conference, Dad's Day, Mom's Day and a Family Picnic.


After the children have had six weeks of school to get acquainted with each other and the general routine, parents are encouraged to visit. You are invited to come and spend a morning or afternoon in your child's class. You're welcome to join your child at play, help teachers and just have a good time, while you observe your child at work and play.

We hope every parent will visit their child's class at least once during the school year, and we know many of you will want to visit more often.


In February, mid-year conferences are held with each family. At that time, one of your child's teachers will sit down to talk with you about how your child is growing and we'll be interested in learning more about your child from you.


Children may only leave school with their parents or those persons whom their parents have authorized in writing.

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